In first grade, Sarah displayed difficulty learning. She was held back that year, but it took ten more years before she was identified as having dyslexia. She was pulled from her classes and sent to separate classrooms to learn how to deal with the learning disabilities. Using some self-taught techniques, she went on to overcome the learning disabilities, and received her BS and MBA.
She struggled with body image issues early in life, and in high school, was diagnosed with anorexia. Sarah struggled with the disease for 30 years. With the support of family, friends, and great counselors and physicians, she made significant steps in her health. She learned that whatever the enemy threw at her, God empowered her to conquer through the power of the name of Jesus and the authority He has given.
After college, Sarah married. She and her husband Todd have been married over two and a half decades. They struggled trying to conceive, and just when they accepted it wasn’t meant to be for them, she got pregnant and had their first son, Hunter.
Sarah and Todd longed for more children, and God tugged at their heart to adopt. They adopted their second son, Don, from the Democratic Republic of Congo when he was five years old.
Twelve months after the adoption was finalized, Sarah was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Though the diagnosis and treatment were scary, she had peace from

God through the process. He brought healing to her body, and she is now cancer-free.
Despite the struggles Sarah has faced in life, she is determined. She has managed not only to have survived, but has become someone who brings hope to those around her. She motivates and inspires readers everywhere not to focus on impossibilities, but instead, to find ways to make the possible happen.
Sarah is always looking for ways to make changes, uncover a better plan, and embrace new challenges. She advocates for the rights of those who have been silenced and oppressed. She believes no one should be discriminated against or persecuted for any reason.
Sarah loves running fast horses, capturing beauty from the lens of a camera, making something out of seemingly nothing, and sharing her love for God with others. She is a mother, wife, daughter, sister, and a friend. She is a survivor, and her life serves as a reminder of the healing power of God.