17 Jun

Many times, I call on God to show me the way. But do I really do this? I was running to the hospital to be with a family member. I had the room number for the neuro ICU. When I got to the hospital, I looked for signs and was getting ready to take an elevator to the place I thought the signs were pointing to. I inquired with a worker if I was in the correct spot, and they let me know that this was a large hospital and I ought to go to the desk up front for directions. Frustrated, I did. It was a blessing that I did because they offered a map and clear instructions on how to get to my desired location. Had I kept going and tried to find it on my own, I would have been in the wrong building. At times, I let my ambition to go my way and figure it out hinder me from taking the right path to my destination. This lesson had been beneficial to me, however, as a slow learner, days later I was off to the airport. I entered the address into my phone and took off. The navigation system was showing I would reach my destination 20 minutes before I had planned and I was only 30 minutes away. This was excellent. I was on my way. As I drove, I observed many freeway exits, but my map directed me to remain on the side roads. I encountered stop lights and turns. It annoyed me that I couldn't go faster as I watched other cars get off and join the freeway. I wished I could've gotten off and gone with them so I could have quickly made it to the airport. Even though it didn't make sense, I was already planning on arriving early. I didn't have to rush but still I wanted to get there quicker. I did not want to have to stop or take turns. What caused this? Following the path, I was able to take in the gorgeous green scenery. I had an epiphany - what happened at the hospital and the drive to the airport was in the same they both are examples of me trying to do things my way on my timeline. I try to get to the destination I have in mind, relying solely on my own capabilities, and not asking for help, which often leads to getting lost. Then when I get directions and am following the path I want to get off I want find a faster way. I've been exploring how Moses would hear and obey God's will, even as the people he was leading complained and questioned the route. I am comparable to these people at times. Asking for peace today in the knowledge that God has a plan for me. I'm asking God to guide me to where He wants me to go.  I'm asking God to help me pay attention and stay on His path. I pray for the same thing for you too.

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