07 Feb

Have you ever had a pep talk with yourself? 

While I was driving I felt like I wanted to share something that was on my heart with my son. I wanted him to recognize his gifts and talents and how God had designed him perfectly. He did not need to compare himself to others but recognize who he was and how he could be used to glorify God. I recorded it into my phone and then sent it to him as a text. 

Once I finished, I realized I needed a pep talk for myself. 

I contemplated the words of wisdom I would share with myself. I can effortlessly recognize how others are wonderfully crafted by God. I can easily let someone know they are chosen! It's their uniqueness that sets them apart. They possess unique gifts bestowed upon them by God, meant exclusively for their use. I get excited because I want to see them harness their talents and the influence they hold to promote the Kingdom of God. 

How many times do I say these things to myself?

Do I go to the word of God and read what is written and believe this over my life? 

So, let’s back up, here for a minute and remind you all that this conversation going on in my head was while a I was driving. 

So instead of recording something for someone else I recorded something for me. 

The words flowed out I enthusiastically remind myself that God has placed right here and right now for a reason. I am confident that I possess unique value to make a difference in this world. I am being called by God to take a leap of faith. I'm being encouraged by God to explore new experiences. God wants me to utilize my skills, knowledge, gifts, and experiences to advance his Kingdom. He selected me because I possess exclusive experiences that no one else has. I must jump at new opportunities, as I believe God has equipped me with the necessary skills and experiences. I will be brave! I will step out! I will do the things that God is asking me to do! 

Ok so, I am on a roll about this time, 

I glance over at the and the person in the car next to me is watching me. As soon as they see me looking at them, they immediately avert their gaze. I felt a tinge of embarrassment. I realized it may have looked crazy but for me I was allowing God to flow over me. 

Why do we cheer others on but when we need to verbalize this to ourselves, we stay quiet? 

I invite you to boldly state who you are in God. Provide yourself with the same amount of encouragement and support you extend to others. God desires to strengthen us. He wants to plant seeds in our hearts, nurture them, and harvest them. 

If I were to speak from the heart and the will of God, what message would I leave for yourself? 

Let me help you – I added the Verses in the Bible, so this is not my word but God’s Word over your life. 

I am a beloved child of God (1 John 3:1) 

I have been placed on this earth for a special purpose. (Ephesians 2:10) 

God selected me I have a unique set of experiences and gifts that are specifically designed for me and me only and for me to use in this world to make the world a better place for God tells me in Isaiah 41:10 “so do not fear for I am with you do not be dismayed for I am your God I will strengthen you I will help you I will uphold you with my righteous hand”. 

For my God is a Redeemer!( Job 19:25 ) 

My God takes all of me, every little bit! ( Philippians 4:19 )

My God accepts me loves me and cherishes me. (Psalms 59:10) 

My God is a God who forgives. (Psalm 103:12) 

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