23 Jan

 I spend time, listening to the word of God, reading about the word of God. I connect with people who are close to me and hold similar beliefs, and we have meaningful conversations about the word of God. The more I learn, the more I crave knowledge like a sponge. As my knowledge grows, so does my awareness of what I don't know. There are times when I lack confidence and feel intimidated about my understanding of the word of God. I've also experienced moments of intimidation around highly accomplished individuals who are deeply immersed in studying and preaching. I'm hesitant to ask them questions because I fear they will discover my limited knowledge or confusion. I'm worried that people would judge me, and I would be ashamed. 

This is crazy right, but many of us feel this way at times. 

While reflecting on this sentiment, I remembered a personal incident where someone approached me to discuss my perspective on Jesus in the Bible. It reminded me of the excitement and joy I would feel in sharing my understanding, spreading God's teachings, and lending a helping hand. 

Those who have a profound understanding of the word of God, feel the same way. When we approach them with questions and a desire to learn more about Jesus and the word of God, they celebrate rather than judge us. If you ever feel hesitant or embarrassed about your faith journey, remember that those who can share God's word are eager to answer your questions and offer guidance. Remember God's selection of disciples was not based on their level of knowledge. His search isn't for perfection. He's seeking those who have a desire to learn and grow. If you're uncertain about asking questions or learning more, I encourage you to step out and seek answers. There are many people who love to share the word of God and want to assist you.

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