02 Oct

We frequently strive and push ourselves to win to triumph. This could be in our careers as we strive to “climb the ladder” to achieve the pinnacle of career success. In the world of sports, it is a common practice to train, study, and practice in order to excel. We want to win championships. Receiving medals is important to us because it would validate the hard work and effort we put into our performance. We strive for the prize. When we contemplate Jesus' life, it is evident that his priorities did not include winning trophy’s, metals or climbing ladder to get the next job. 

When we reflect on the ultimate life, the life of Jesus comes to mind. He did not leave this world with a trophy room filled with all his accolades, a big corporate title, and yet his name in known and exalted. Rather than seeking personal benefits, he lived his life to serve others. He came to share the good news, teach us about the unconditional love of our Father. He came to pay the ultimate price, his life in exchange for our everlasting life. When we focus solely on what the world considers as success for our own validation, we can easily become distracted and even obsessed as we go about our daily routines. When we become too focused on achieving worldly prizes, our vision of both the world and of ourselves becomes narrow, causing us to lose sight of our greater purpose. 

Taking the time to reflect and assess our lives with a broad perspective is essential. It is only through this process that we can fully comprehend the ultimate reward, which is the promise of spending an eternity with our heavenly father. This is an incredible prize that is beyond measure and truly worth striving for. Goals and aspirations are an important part of personal growth and development, and it's great that we have them. While championships or runner-up titles may seem like the ultimate measure of success, it is important to remember that they do not define a person's worth as a human being. 

Sometimes, it's important to take a step back and reflect on what is driving you forward. 

It is good to set goals and strive for things, remember as you do; your why. 

And ensure this is in alignment with the ultimate prize for one day you will enter your everlasting home, you will be greeted with cheers, Jesus will run you, lift you up, hug you and say welcome my child with you. I am so pleased. 

Be good to yourself and know that you are loved by God so dearly and he is not keeping score.

He has already won the battle for you.

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